Reasons to get a loft conversion?

Maybe your running out of space to store valuables or your family is growing and expanding? You love the location you’re at and just don’t want the hassle to move? There are plenty of circumstances of why people need to get a loft conversion. Here are a few reasons why a loft conversion maybe an alternative instead of moving house.

It will add value to your property straight away, so investing in a loft conversion in a way pays for itself. The reason being if you had two houses on the same street and one had an extra room which one do you think the potential buyer would choose?

Another great thing about loft conversion is unlike extensions most don’t need planning permission and as long it’s within building regulations you can legally class it as an extra room, therefore getting an increase in property price straight away. Another great thing about loft conversions is that it doesn’t eat into garden space, which can be the downside to a house extension.

Nearly all lofts can be converted although like every project their can be challenges, but with planning permission not needed for most loft conversions, work can commence within the week with the average loft conversion taking anywhere between 4 – 6 weeks to complete. The best way to think of a loft conversion is that you’re turning wasted space into a living area or storage space.

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