Spring is here!

Each year when the winter snow has melted and the days start to get longer it is well worth inspecting your property for any damage the harsh winter months may have done to it. Its nailed on that there will be some unexpected repair work that needs done.

Pick a pleasant day to walk around your home and garden to look for any repairs that may need doing, or ways you feel you can make your home look more attractive. Maybe you’ve been planning an extension or some other building work, spring is the ideal time to start planning for this kind of work to be done. If you need any advice please do not hesitate to call us 01670 712 847.

Cracks & Pointing

Inspect the outside of your home first, looking for any cracks in the brick work or pointing that may need done. Although this may seem minor, if not taken care of correctly it can lead to much bigger problems, prevention is better than cure. Small cracks can be easily repaired but if the crack is too large or pointing needs done, its best get an expert in.


You may have inspected your windows and doors before winter, but it is worth doing again in the spring as the winter weather we’ve been getting in the UK lately can have a serious detrimental effect on your window frames and doors, especially if you have the traditional wooden style. If its needed, paint the doors and window frames, or at bare minimum give them a good cleaning to remove any mould or dirt that have built up.

Guttering and Roofs

Clean the inside of your guttering of any old leaves and debris that may have accumulated over the winter. This is a job well worth doing and can prevent lots of problems occurring in the future. Use a power washer to clean the outside of the gutters. Inspect any outside piping, outside taps you may have and also your guttering down pipes for cracks and replace them if needed.

Garden and Yards

Once you are satisfied with the inspection of your property move on to your garden or yard. Check your fencing and decking for any loose boards or panels that may need replacing, fixed or staining.

If you need any advice on any of the subjects we’ve mentioned the team at NE Build & Design are always here to help so don’t be afraid to contact us.


The Team at NE Build & Design

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