Need extra storage? A loft conversion may be the answer

The majority of people know exactly what a loft conversion is, if not in person, then on one of the numerous home improvement programs that are on our television channels every other day. But are there any benefits to a Loft Conversion?

Are there any alternatives?

Extending your property is a great way of gaining that extra space that everyone wants and is far easier road to go down than the very stressful and costly process of moving home. A lot of people gain this extra space by either adding a conservatory or a ground floor extension to their property. One of the downsides to a ground floor extension though is the amount of garden space you may lose, where as the beauty of a loft conversion being it simply makes the most of unused space that you already have.

Adding veloux windows to a loft conversion will gives you lots of natural light and depending on your location can give you stunning views of your area . The advantage of a loft conversion over adding a conservatory to your property is it offers a lot more versatility in terms of the type of room it can turned into. With a conservatory you don’t have the option of turning it into a bedroom or a bathroom, its just not a viable option, whereas a lof conversion gives you the option of transforming it into both of these.

Does it add value to your property?

Most loft conversions are never really done to simply add value to your property, but the fact that the value of your property will increase as a result of your loft conversion is a massive bonus.

If you are thinking about moving home just for extra space, think about your loft first. It is more than likely it has all the extra space you need. So when thinking ‘loft conversion Newcastle’ think NE Build & Design.

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