How to avoid mould in your bathroom

Mould can range from a minor cosmetic issue to a structural and life-threatening one. mould build-up can be a symptom of other problems in the home and should be tackled where possible. Especially in the bathroom it is easy for mould to settle down. That’s why it is important to care your bathroom well. NE Build and Design have some tips to avoid mould.

Heating the bathroom is very important. Don’t save your money on the wrong things. The temperature in the bathroom should ideally be a steady 24 or 25 degrees so that the walls don’t get too cold. The difference between the warm water and the cold walls should not be too big because that causes a lot water vapour which settles down between the bath tiles and might turn into mould.

After taking a shower or having a bath you should open your window or turn on a vent for at least 5 minutes so that the clamminess can flee out of the room. The best way would be having the window a bit open during the shower time. If your bathroom lacks an openable window then an air dehumidifier would be a good purchase, which helps you to keep the air moisture in balance.

Drying and Cleaning
It’s good to clean the shower or bath tub right after using it so that hair and scum has no chance to stick on the tiles or in the joints. Also wipe all of the wet spots immediately dry to obviate mould.

But if once mould has spread in your bath, heating and ventilation is in vain. It is really hard to get rid of it and if there are a lot of black spots on your walls, it is better to contact a specialist and find out the reason why the mould spread so fast.

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