A Healthy home is a happy home

The team at NE Build & design would like to wish all our readers a Happy New Year!

No doubt a few of you have either decorated prior to Christmas or are planning on updating your home and having a spring clean within the coming months. We’ve pulled some tips together below which can go along way to making your home a healthier place to live by looking beyond the surface.

Always ensure your bathroom and kitchen is well vented and that all extractor fans are in proper state of repair and vented outside. Wipe down and clear your fan of any stagnant dirt and dust regularly, an easy way to do this is using an attachment on your vacuum cleaner.

Always try to eliminate as much moisture as possible in these rooms as they can become breeding grounds for mold and moisture. Wipe down any excess condensation as much as you can after showers or if you’ve been cooking to prevent mould and mildew build up. These can be removed using mild, non-toxic cleaning products available from any supermarket or hardware store.

A good way of preventing excessive steam build up is to keep windows open just a touch and for some time after to allow for the release of the excess steam, but always remember to close them again if you’ll be leaving your property unattended.

If you have elderly or children living in your home it may be worth installing grab bars in bathrooms and toilets to prevent any falls.

For how little they cost these days it is imperative you install smoke detectors throughout the house and outside of every bedroom. As a rule there should be at least one on every level of your home and should be tested regularly, as often as once a month with batteries tested and changed if necessary twice a year. Its a two minute job and could save you and your families life….remember this.

It is also wise to install carbon monoxide detectors on every level of your home and also near each bedroom, these should also be regularly checked. Carbon monoxide poisoning occurrences peak during the winter/cooler months when fires etc are being used more.

Its a silent killer as there is no odor so these are well worth installing. Its common knowledge that both smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors will save your life, yet there are still thousands of homes without them.

Keeping your home safe for you and your family is basically commons sense and with very little investment at all it can be done so act before its too late.

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